UTATPO members mobilized themselves under the umbrella with an intention of promoting trade between USA and Africa, cultural exchange,travel to Uganda/Africa and sensitization of the business community to get to know the opportunity they can get from buying USA products or even exporting to USA.

UTATPO was established as a pressure group way back in 2009 and the website opened,branches in various countries established and became stalled due to the financial constraints and the political ideologies in Africa.

However,some political waves in Africa(since have begun blowing to the side of the free world) the members have indicated their willingness to come out with a solution and have registered the organization as a CBO,with Wakiso District Administration. And other countries the members will follow the suite despite the financial constraints,its assumed that our members in Ethiopia,Kenya,Rwanda,DR Congo,Ghana,Tanzania,Zimbabwe,SouthAfrica,will do the same to enable UTATPO have a strong voice and be able to advocate for our objectives of strengthening the trade relationship the trade relationship between USA and Africa be achieved.

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